How To Register a Trademark – a Quick Guide

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The Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration with WebTM

WebTM strives to make the trademark registration process as transparent and simple as possible. We provide personalized service and a flat fee rate structure. We spend the time that it takes, whether by telephone or email, to advise you about the viability of your trademark for registration, to prepare your application and to develop an appropriate strategy for registration. We know how important your trademark is to your business and we take it seriously.

Over the past 25 years, we have registered over 14,000 trademarks worldwide and litigated trademark matters at the TTAB and in federal courts in New York, California, Florida, Vermont, Illinois, Colorado, and Arizona among other states. Most of our clients for whom we have registered trademarks stay with us as they grow, benefiting from the clear and concise advice and assistance we provide when it comes to matters such as trademark usage and licens­ing, inter­national trade­mark registra­tion, and trade­mark infringement.

Our fixed fees for U.S. trademark registration include your consultations with us, a “knock-out” search for marks that may directly conflict with yours, preparation of your application, monitoring the application’s progress through the various stages at the USPTO, and responding to any “Office Actions,” which are letters issued by the USPTO stating reasons for a refusal to register. Office Actions occur in about 70% of all applications, but can often be overcome – and usually are by us – with the right research, argument, or modification of your application.* (Cut-rate trade­mark regi­stration services bill at high hourly rates for Office Action responses or simply don’t provide the service at all. A failure to respond to an Office Action means your trademark is abandoned and you would have to start the process from the beginning, losing valuable time and rights. Some of our clients have reported to us that, due to Office Actions, they ended up spending two to three thousand dollars with “cut-rate” providers, only to have their trademark application refused in the end.)

We register all trademarks electronically and generally strive to file through the “eTEAS Plus” process by which more applications are granted in less time. There are many cases, however, in which the free form, albeit slower, trademark registration process might be preferable or required.

To begin the trademark registration process, please fill out the form linked below. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an automated response and we will contact you personally (by email or telephone, whichever you prefer), generally within 24 hours (excepting weekends).

Filling out the web form is free. Billing doesn’t begin until you receive and sign our retainer letter allowing us to represent you.

*Our fixed fees do not include opposition proceedings (e.g., attempts by an owner of a previously used or already-registered trademark to stop you from registering yours), appeals to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”), negotiations of “co-existence agreements” and consents from third party trademark holders and other third parties.

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Registration in one country or territory does not protect the use of the mark in any other country or territory. If you are using the mark internationally or intend to do so, let us know. Simultaneous registrations may be more cost effective than doing one first and worrying about the other later.
You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to register your trademark in the United States

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