Intellectual Property & Business Law

Register, Enforce, Defend

Licensing and Litigation

Our practice offers a wide range of services for growing and mid-sized businesses. We give our clients the personal attention they require to fully address their legal needs in every aspect of business, including trademarks and copyrights, licensing and master services agreements, business-related litigation, employment issues, and corporate transactions.


For over 25 years we have been offering trademark registration and maintenance services in the United States and internationally, defending and prosecuting trademark infringement actions, bringing and defending trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.


We assist our clients in understanding the often arcane world of copyright law and protecting their copyrights through registration and the prosecution and defense of copyright infringement actions.

Corporate & Commercial

Whether it is intellectual property licensing agreements, master services agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment and independent contractor agreements, manufacturing agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, asset purchase agreements, or terms and conditions of sale, we have the knowledge to assist our clients in negotiating and preparing sophisticated but readable contracts without a lot of legal jargon.


As our clients are located throughout the United States, our firm litigates trademark, copyright and commercial issues in many jurisdictions. Gordon Troy is licensed to practice in the States of Vermont, New York, Illinois, and the District of Columbia; the United States District Courts in New York, Colorado, and Vermont; and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has appeared pro hac vice (admission for the case) to federal courts in California, Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, and Massachusetts.


We provide foreign clients and law firms with domestic representation in the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). We also service our foreign clients’ international licensing and litigation needs in the United States and, through associated firms, internationally.

Our clients are found in many industries, ranging from emerging technologies and software, to electronics, ecommerce advertising, fashion, music, literary and non-fiction publishing, food, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, exercise modalities, mixed martial arts, and many others. Prior to practicing law, Gordon Troy was a software engineer and he brings to the practice the knowledge of an array of technical issues that many lawyers lack.