Intellectual Property Law

You don’t have to spend a fortune for intellectual property attorneys.

We provide high quality services at affordable rates.

Our firm offers the complete spectrum of intellectual property law services.

We represent domestic and international companies, startup companies and individuals in trademark, copyright, unfair competition, counseling and intellectual property matters.

Intellectual Property

The firm has extensive experience representing clients in the emerging information technology and software industries as well as conventional intellectual property matters.

A complete spectrum of domestic and international Intellectual Property management and counseling is offered through the firm and with associate attorneys strategically located servicing our client’s domestic and international needs.

Have you ever felt lost or your attorney does not respond to your needs? We provide individualized attention to your needs and can efficiently structure your intellectual property portfolio and protection.

Key Victories

  • We won the Pilates Case where the Court found that the trademark Pilates was generic, obtained with fraud, and invalidity transferred to the plaintiff, and that the Pilates Studio mark was generic.
  • We overturned a temporary restraining order where the band Phish sued our client to stop making t-shirts about the band’s songs.
  • We successfully represented our client against Kelloggs after they threatened to sue our client for: 1) Using a chicken on their product packaging which Kelloggs claimed looked like a rooster; 2) Using MOOSELI which they determined was confusingly similar to MUESLIX; 3) the use of the slogan “It Tastes Just Right” which Kelloggs determined was confusingly similar to their cereal brand JUST RIGHT.
  • We successfully represented our client against Microsoft Corporation where Microsoft determined that our client’s use of “The First Electronic Jewish Bookshelf” on a CD-ROM product, was confusingly similar with Microsoft’s BOOKSHELF product.
  • We successfully litigated and protected our client’s famous brand CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE in separate infringement actions against Nestle’ Waters, Jeep/Chrysler
  • Working with local counsel, we successfully prevented a third party from registering 10 Deep’s well known Knuckle Logo trademark

Firms We Have Represented

We work with many startup companies guiding them through all of the initial and follow on stages of intellectual property protection, licensing, distribution and world wide expansion. For examples, see: