Goods and Services

Classification of Goods and Services

The United States, and many countries throughout the world follow the International Classification of Goods and Services, and in particular the Nice Agreement Eleventh Edition. We will work with you to determine the correct listing of the goods and services for your mark. This is one of the key requirements of a trademark application because if it is listed too broadly the mark can be vulnerable to attack, and if it is too narrow it may not provide you with enough leverage to deal with potential infringers. Even though most countries subscribe to the Nice Agreement, in practice many countries have differing applications of the specific items. Most countries, including the United States, determine the government charges based upon the number of classes covered in an application and a resultant registration. Please note that Class Headings, and All Goods in Class, are not acceptable in the United States. Also, note that Class Headings do not include All Goods in the Class. Actual goods and services of interest must be listed with specificity using their ordinary commercial terms.

The Class Headings are as follows: