WebTM Electronic Files Policy

At WebTM we are always improving our client services. We have for many years maintained an electronic work environment. We rarely maintain physical files of any client matter. We provide electronic copies of all documents related to a client matter at the time of occurrence. Incoming paper documents are digitized and are archived electronically. Faxes received by our firm are automatically digitized as PDF’s and stored in the appropriate matter.

To deal with your matters/projects in an efficient way we would highly appreciate your cooperation. We kindly ask you to send all correspondence and documents as e-mail or as an e-mail attachment. Please bear the following in mind when corresponding with our office:

Correspondence and documents concerning new filings, questions in relation to legal advice, trademarks, designs, recordals, contracts, litigation, should be sent to our individual addresses if possible or info@webtm.com. We will confirm receipt of your instructions by sending a personal confirmation on behalf of  the firm (Note: any auto-reply should not be considered a confirmation of receipt). Please do not send confirmation copies of any correspondence or documentation that you already have sent us by e-mail, unless we specifically request it (e.g.: where we need an original document for a particular purpose).

Content of E-Mails

You will see that our emails contain a subject line with the following information: Subject [Troy-ID:](Your Reference if applicable)/Call to action if needed. We would appreciate your including the same information in your messages to us.

It is preferred that each e-mail should relate to one single case, not to a combination of two or more cases, unless there are multiple related cases which would make a single communication more efficient. Kindly specify which attachments are enclosed in your e-mail.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in sending your correspondence electronically. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.