United States Maintenance and Renewals
of Trademark Registrations

To keep your U.S. registration valid, you must file maintenance documents required by the USPTO at regular intervals. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your registration or (for Madrid Protocol filings) invalidation of the U.S. extension of protection.

In order to advise you as to what maintenance and renewal obligations you have, you will need to provide us with the registration number of your mark, and advise whether the owner of the mark has changed since the registration issued. Typically, a single class maintenance application is $800.00 ($425.00 each additional class and includes optional filing of statement of continuous use), and a single class renewal application is $925.00 ($575.00 each additional class), inclusive of all services, fees and government charges. Comprehensive fee table below.

The following is a brief explanation of the applications that you need to file to keep your U.S. registration alive.

Non-Madrid Protocol Registrations

(A “Madrid Protocol” filing is an international treaty that allows applicants to file for trademark protection in multiple countries through a single application with a single office, for example, the USPTO. If your registration is a Madrid Protocol registration, please see that section further below.)

Owners of non-Madrid Protocol U.S. registrations must file the following:

Madrid Protocol Registrations

Owners of International Registrations designating the United States through the Madrid Protocol must file the following in the USPTO:

Notes for all Registrations

Note (1):For an additional fee, the USPTO allows for a six-month grace period for each declaration.

Note (2): Although Declarations of Excusable Nonuse exist, there are virtually no acceptable reasons for nonuse, and should the mark be of continuing interest, a new application should also be filed as a safeguard.

Declaration of Inconstestability

The Declaration of Incontestability is an optional, but very much recommended, filing by a trademark holder who has continuously used its mark for a period of five (5) years. The Declaration serves as conclusive evidence of the validity of the registered mark and the owner’s exclusive right to use it and, all other things being equal, strengthen’s the trademark owner’s rights. (See 15 U.S.C. §1065.) We recommended that a Section 15 Declaration be filed at the earliest possible date.

Unsolicited Third-Party Emails

From time to time you may receive unsolicited third-party emails that appear initially to be from the USPTO but are actually from private companies looking to take your money without anything in return. If the email is not from our website or an address from @uspto.gov, the email should be deleted as spam.

Notice of Acceptance and/or Renewal

The USPTO will issue either a Notice of Acceptance and/or Renewal or an Office Action within approximately 1 to 2 months after filing of the maintenance/renewal documents. If the declarations/renewal are acceptable, the USPTO will send a Notice of Acceptance and/or Renewal. If an Office Action is issued, the USPTO will state why a Notice of Acceptance and/or Renewal was not issued, and possibly suggest remedies.


United States Trademarks
  Class or Item
Description First Each Addl.
Trademark Filings
Filing New Trademark Application w/ Fixed Prosecution 1500 625
Intent to Use
ITU Extensions/Allegations of Use/Statements of Use 400 225
Trademark Maintenance
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use) & §15 (incontestability) 800 425
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use Only) 600 225
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use) & §15 (incontestability) — BELATED 1000 550
Trademark Renewal
Trademark Registration Renewal 925 575
Trademark Registration Renewal — BELATED 1325 925
Extension Request for Notice of Opposition  300  
Filing Opposition or Cancellation 2600 700
Trademark Prosecution
Taking Over Already Filed National or Madrid Application 500 400
Recording Title Changes 540 125
Dividing Trademark Application 575 200
Petitions to Reinstate/Revive Application 500 250

Rates include our services and government filing charges