Copyright Law

Copyright Law

You don’t have to spend a fortune filing your United States and foreign copyrights. Experienced copyright law attorneys will assist you with your copyright filings, licensing, negotiation as well as helping to resolve issues concerning exploitation of your property – while keeping your costs low.

We are highly automated which is why we can offer these very reasonable rates for attorney handling of your copyrights. Read the competition’s fine print and ask if an attorney is handling your case from beginning to end.

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Your information is carefully reviewed by us, then we contact you to finalize the details before we file your application. Our legal staff ensures that your application is complete and correct.

We will prepare and file all necessary documents for filing with the Copyright Office. Once we have everything we need from you to file, your application will be filed immediately.

Information about some of our Client’s lawsuits

We overturned a temporary restraining order where the band Phish sued our client to stop making t-shirts about the band’s songs. Here, the plaintiff, the band Phish attempted to assert copyright and trademark rights in a unique way.

We utilize the expertise of several attorneys who are well versed in the entertainment field, music and book publishing as well as internet based distribution systems. Contact us about your specific situation, and we will be happy to assist you.