How To Confirm Your Trademark Filing

Confirmation Of Filing Particulars and Acknowledgement of Services Agreement

Specifications for Drawings-Special Form Marks We need a pure black and white copy (color if claiming color) of the mark in 300 dpi JPG electronic format.

Applications Based on Use in the United States

Specimen Requirements:We need one (1) specimen (evidence) of the mark as used in commerce for at least one good/service in each class listed in the application. Specimens may be in the nature of:

For goods: labels, photographs, or product packaging showing the mark used on the goods;

For services: web pages or brochures or advertisements showing the mark as used in connection with the services.

First Use: We need the date of first use of the mark anywhere, and first use of the mark in commerce in the United States.

Application Based on Foreign Application Filing: We need a simple copy of the foreign application, and if not in English, a translation. We will require a certified copy with a certified English language translation if it is in a foreign language. These can be provided electronically.

Application Based on Foreign Registration: We need a certified copy with a certified English language translation if it is in a foreign language. This can be provided electronically.

Goods and Services: The United States has adopted strict compliance with the 10th edition of the Nice Agreement of Acceptable Identifications of Goods and Services, but has added its own modifications. Please review the goods and services description carefully. This cannot be expanded once filed. Please note that Class Headings, and All Goods in Class, are not acceptable in the United States. Also, note that Class Headings do not include All Goods in the Class.

Intent to Use Applications: If this is an intent to use application it will have to be converted to use and additional charges will be incurred.

Filing Charges: The cost to file this application including government charges and our fixed prosecution services to file and prosecute the application is detailed in our services agreement and our fee schedule.

Payment: We accept most methods of payment, including: wire transfer, credit card charge, check payable to Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, and Paypal.

For  questions about the process steps in a trademark application, please visit our flow chart web pages.